Earlier this week, Vladimir Putin’s forces attacked a train station in the east of Ukraine filled with people trying to flee the conflict. At least 50 of them were killed in the assault on Kramatorsk train station, reportedly with the use of cluster munitions. Such weapons are banned under international treaty given their capacity to maximize carnage. Within Russia, Moscow isn’t informing many Russian families when its soldiers are killed and is using mobile crematoriums to burn some of their remains.

It is hard to believe that millions are suffering and thousands are dying every day from a war that was completely unnecessary. Of course, like most things in our lives, unless it happens to someone near and dear, we never feel the full impact of sorrow and pain.

Future Wealth’s View

While the markets are extremely volatile from concerns over inflation, Fed’s interest rate hikes, geopolitical uncertainty and just overall malaise, it is important for those of us ( I mean, all of us) who have a very comfortable life, to step back and appreciate the life we have and for just a few minutes or hours, not worry about our stock portfolio.

In the grand scheme of things, we will be just fine whether the stock market drops 5% or 10% next week while Ukranians are struggling to not just survive the onslaught from Russia but they are losing their children, their livelihood and their future –  even if they survive, outlook looks bleak beyond any of our imaginations.

And so this report is not so much about what to do with our stock portfolio but a plea to show empathy, a prayer and perhaps a little contribution to our brethren in Ukraine. It behooves us to acknowledge that there is life beyond our own little world of our family, friends and our stock portfolio.