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As a business owner, you certainly understand the benefits of having a retirement savings or deferred compensation plan to promote staff retention. 401(k) plans are frequently regarded as an attractive choice by many small business owners because the contribution limits are higher than other types of small business plans. Likewise, deferred compensation plans helps with staff retention of your more experienced staff.

However, most individuals in 401K or deferred compensation plans do not have the time or interest in managing their own portfolios. Individual investors can be their own worst enemy by making emotional decisions about their investments or not monitoring the performance of their portfolio on a regular basis.

As a plan advisor, Future Wealth can round out the needs of the investment committee. We can provide advice to individuals in your company plan with investment choices, fund selection, employee education, and we can assist the committee with plan design as well as trends and ideas.

Our total fee structure is simply a percentage of assets in the 401K or deferred compensation plan. We do not have preferred vendors and our advisors do not get special bonuses based on how much business they place with certain funds. We recognize the Plan Sponsor’s choice of a plan advisor is one of the most important plan related decisions that can be made and we want to be as seamless as possible.

Our Fees & Services

Future Wealth provides advisory services to defined benefit, defined contribution (401K), deferred compensation and profit sharing plans. There is no upfront fees and the table below shows our fee schedule.

Small Business


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