Wealth Management Los Gatos, CA

  • Cash Flow Planning for Retirement
  • Overall Portfolio Risk Analysis
  • Consultation on 401K & 529 Plan Choices
  • Capital Needs & Net Worth Analysis

Our No Commission Fee Structure

All accounts require initial set up fee of $3,000.00-$5,000.00. There is a $100K minimum and depending on the amount invested, advisory fees varies from just 0.5% per year to 0.7% per year. These low fees combined with low expense ratio of <0.3% for the ETFs we recommend, gives you abundant portfolio choices based on your risk profile at a total cost of <1% per year (on investments above $900K). We do not take a commission on any of the products we recommend and as such, we put the interests of our clients first.

Please call Future Wealth LLC at (408) 839-4430, or shoot us an email via our contact form here.

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